Undefinable Strange Experiences (USE)

Quantum Enlightenment

I’m going to define a new phrase. We’ll call it the Undefinable Strange Experience, U S E. An Undefinable Strange Experience is any experience, which is, by its nature undefinable and strange. What is included in an undefinable strange experience? It could be a UFO/UAP sighting, a cryptid, sighting, a poltergeist activity, a ghost sighting, etc. It’s anything that falls into the category of strange that you cannot define by reasonable means. A reasonable means could be light refracting off of a prism or an eclipse or a mylar balloon or an airplane or a satellite. All conceivable explanations have been explored and ruled out. Therefore, it is undefinable. And then experience, just being that it was something that occurred. There’s no timeline or even really position of the observer. The experience could be in the first, second, or third person can still be considered a USE. But what are USEs and why do they exist?

Well, it’s not a coincidence that I use an abbreviation that spells use, because that’s what I think that these things are. I think that we as a people, as a society as a human race have been evolving for 1000s of years (if not millions of years, if you believe, potentially, that we’re not the first iteration, or emergence of human life on this planet or on any planet). We’ve been evolving, we’ve evolved physically, we’ve evolved intellectually, yet we have not evolved spiritually. Most of us still look to some outside being or entity for a solution to our problems. Most of us still think that we should have to pray and ask for forgiveness or ask for help. That we lack the ability or the means to address our own problems. When, in all actuality, that is not the case. We, as the poem says, are the masters of our fate.

Then how does that relate to these Undefinable Strange Experiences? Most of us are sleeping. The part of us that allows us to really affect change is sleeping. The energy body part of us is asleep. The energy that makes up our body, our physical body is keeping the lights on. It keeps us breathing, and keeps the heart beating, the brain functioning. But it is a machine. And we teach that machine, repetitive activities. We teach it, drive the car, we teach it go to work, we teach it feed the kids, we teach it make love. And it does those things. Because it is taught, the machine is taught to do those things. But the energy that is the energy body, what people call the soul, or the spirit, the energy that really makes you You, not the machine. That energy needs to be woken up. It needs to question the nature of its reality. It needs to question its purpose. Why are we here? Why does human life exist? Why does intelligent life exist? Are we the only intelligent life on this planet? Are we the only intelligent life in this universe? How did we get here? Where are we going? What is our purpose? These and other fundamental questions can only be asked and sought by the spirit body, the energy body. So, what is a USE? Again, the undefinable strange experience, it is USEd to try and wake us up. And having that USE triggers in us a want to solve our problems and answer those fundamental questions.

Everyone I’ve ever encountered, had a conversation with who has had a USE, has been changed in significant ways. They look at this planet differently. They want to save it. They start recycling they start composting they start trying to derive new energy source ways. The want to save this planet increases significantly. Not only that, but they also start to ask those fundamental life questions, those grand big picture life questions. They seek out new opportunities to learn and explore and grow in that way. These USEs are used to trigger us to initiate us on this path, to wake up our spiritual body to break out of the monotony of what the machine is performing. And instead, really explore our surroundings and explore who we are. Why we are here.

I had a USE three years ago and I couldn’t define it. I still can’t define it. And at the time that I had that USE I would say that I was somewhat awoken. My spirit body was groggy, let’s say. Having just woken up. Like a shot of espresso, it woke me up, and I was now striving to understand and comprehend what these things are and where they are leading us. I think the main purpose of the USE is to drive us to not look external, but to look internally. There are those who have had a USE and are still sleeping a little bit or napping, maybe, because they’ve had a USE and they question the nature of the reality. But they still hold on to that idea, that antiquated idea, that these ETs are going to save us. They’re going to step in, in that crucial moment, and give us the answers and the solutions to clean energy so that we can still have our sports cars and big screen TVs, and not have to harm the planet anymore. They’ve gotten half of the answer. The other half is that it’s not for ETs, or UTs or CTs to step in and save us it’s for us to save us. And it’s always been that way.

I was remarking the other day to a friend that it seemed interesting that statements like these, or awakening statements like these are often perceived better, or at least accepted better, when they come from some holy texts, or a prophet, or whatever. Someone who is deemed to be ordained by God ordained by the universe or a speaker of the extra-terrestrials. But this information, this information can come from anywhere. Once you’ve had that USE and you really begin to awaken yourself. You expand beyond your parameters, you expand beyond your physical parameters, and you accept that life is bigger than what we know and what we see. As soon as you do that, as soon as you open that door. Life begins to change for you. And it can be daunting at times. But the outcome far outweighs the struggle to reach the top.

Only when we begin to see on a worldwide scale, that we are the solution to our problems that we have to solve our problems that God or the aliens, or anything else is not going to step in and solve this for us. Only when that occurs. When that realization happens, will we be able to affect the real change that is needed in our world and in ourselves.

I hope you’ve had a USE. If you haven’t, I would expect that after reading this you may. All that’s needed is to ask the question “what if” and really mean it in the core of your being. Once you’ve turned on that light, enlightenment knows where to find you.